Little Secrets The Nutcracker Room Freshener 100ml


A magical fantasy world, where kindness and love always wins, opens to the classic fairy tale and the aromatic notes of roasted almond, hazelnut,

walnut and cookies will make us dream like children.

Place the sticks in the bottle.

The intensity of the aroma depends on the type of aroma, the number of sticks and the temperature of the room where they are.

For their best preservation, it is necessary to turn the sticks every week and place them in places where there is electricity, under air conition or on a radiator.


Eco-friendly room freshener, The Nutcracker Home Diffuser 100ml, alcohol-free, lasting more than 2.5 months, in a glass container with six sticks innovatively designed for high performance of aroma diffusion

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Size: 100 ml
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The flavoring solvent is produced from the renewable source of the soybean. It is fully biodegradable, non-flammable, does not endanger the marine environment and is non-toxic to humans and animals

Εξατμίζεται τελείως και δεν αφήνει δυσάρεστη μεταλλική οσμή.