Little Secrets Aurora gift box Body Lotion & Body Mist 2 pcs


Luxury gift box with satin ribbon.

Includes :

Body Lotion 200ml: Velvet body lotion 94.4% ingredients of natural origin. Enriched with green tea extract, rich in phenols and antioxidant properties, sentella extract ideal for skin tightening, coconut oil and panthenol known for their moisturizing and emollient properties.
Ideal for daily use and hydration of the skin.

Body Mist 100ml: Aurora's velvety texture with a fruity, floral scent and spicy, sensual hints of cedar, based on sandalwood and vanilla embodies radiance and happiness in all its glory.

It offers a wonderful and fine aroma. Change your mood and feel fresh and refreshed.
Aroma Notes

Top notes of lily, peach, grapefruit, bergamot, rose.
Middle notes of magnolia, lily, cinnamon, sunflower, brazil rose
Base notes: cedar, vanilla, sandalwood

Ecological cane bottle, 100% recyclable, with certification "I am Green ™"


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