Little Secrets Botanical Sculpt Flower Slimming Oil 100ml




Professional body care with 11 herbal active ingredients and jasmine petals. Vegetable oils of birch, ivy, green tea, seaweed, ginger, clove, sunflower, jasmine extract, almond oil, turmeric and jasmine petals which act against cellulite and local fat, relieve congestion, reduce lymphatic stiffness preventive against stretch marks and local fat drainage similar to occupational therapy.

Active ingredients

* Birch: with strong detoxifying properties
* Green tea: inhibits angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, on which fat cells depend to grow and decongests.
* Ivy: helps in lymphatic drainage, skin elasticity and stretch marks. It has many benefits, its main active ingredients are saponins such as caffeic acid which provides anti-inflammatory and slimming properties. The soaps it contains fight cellulite and offer detoxifying benefits.
* Algae: moisturize the skin deeply, stretch it and it becomes smooth and elastic. The iodine they contain regulate the metabolic function of cells and facilitate the elimination of toxins. It is rich in ingredients such as sulfated fucoidan polysaccharide, which has the ability to inhibit lipogenesis, enhance weight loss and improve the appearance of orange peel.
* Ginger: improves blood circulation, drains and detoxifies
* Carnation: strengthens connective tissue by stimulating collagen production. It tightens the skin, increases circulation and removes toxins
* Sunflower: moisturizes, gives elasticity and detoxifies
* Jasmine: detoxifying and nourishing for the skin, helps heal and prevent stretch marks
* Turmeric: detoxifying and decongestant helps in fat dissolution
* Almond oil: hydrates and nourishes the skin, gives elasticity and uniformity

How to use: use a quantity of BOTANICAL SCULPT FLOWER OIL on clean dry skin, doing upward massage movements on the problem areas. In order to complete the slimming program, its use is previously recommended step 1 BOTANICAL SCULPT SCRUB

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