Little Secrets Vanilla Cream Moisturizing Wax 160ml


Vanilla Cream contains fragrant soy oils that with their rich and sweet aroma with notes of French vanilla and white chocolate create a sweet and aromatic atmosphere. The bright candle fire and the delicate aroma will add a sense of freshness to any room.

Soy candles are 100% natural. They melt slowly at a low temperature, releasing the vitamins and elements of the precious oils they contain and turning them into a warm and luxurious massage oil.


USE INSTRUCTION the first time you light the candle, let it burn for at least two hours. This will help your candle burn more evenly next time. Before lighting your candle, cut the wick. This helps the candle to burn more slowly and without create black smoke.

SECURE: Never leave a lighted candle unattended. This could be a fire hazard. Always place your candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from fabric. Do not place your candle on a marble or glass surface. If the bottom of the glass is hot and comes in contact with a cold material, the glass may break.

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